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[ Track 1 "Yesterday" ]

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In a world

where technology had conquered every corner of existence

where buildings stretched higher than the clouds and artificial intelligence reigned supreme...

humanity found solace in...


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the year was


Everything had an algorithmic order;

society had transformed into a meticulously organized network of automated systems.

every task was efficiently assigned to machines. But within this controlled and efficient society, people were longing for something more than just the automated rhythm of their lives.

In this world

memories of authentic human emotions were fading away, replaced by the cold efficiency of machines.

tucked away in the forgotten parts of cities were clandestine gatherings

Secret Spots

where people would escape to experience something they cherished above all


[ Tomorrow Was Yesterday ]

[ a digital story by TRVNKS ]

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These underground havens, shrouded in mystery, were known as


Here, people gathered to share the timeless beauty of melodies, rhythms, and emotions that once defined humanity.

The Echo Chambers were the only places where the symphonies of the past resonated, offering a brief respite from the mechanized existence.

One such place...

hidden beneath the bustling cityscape, was...


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Welcome to


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2MRWs Echo

an abandoned warehouse transformed into a

sanctuary of sound.


possessing a rare collection of antique vinyl records

became the curator of hope through music.

as the neon lights flickered across the city

Lyra would set the stage for a symphony of emotions.

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As the turntables spun, melodies filled the air and the gathered crowd would close their eyes letting the music carry them away to forgotten realms of feeling and passion.

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[ Track 4 "Lyra's Theme ]

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In these fleeting moments

when the pulsating beats intertwined with the beating hearts of the listeners,

The essence of humanity was rediscovered.

The music became a bridge connecting people unlocking emotions, and restoring the very soul of a world that had nearly forgotten how to feel.

Through Tomorrow's Echo and other clandestine sanctuaries scattered across the city, the transcendental power of music sparked a silent revolution.

People began to seek out these underground gatherings, yearning to rediscover the emotions and connections that technology had tried to suppress.

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[ Track 5 - 'Future Jumpers' ]

In the heart of this futuristic world

navigated the digital streams of time, seeking to unearth the lost treasures of the past - the music that once painted the emotions of humanity.

Armed with cutting-edge technology and a passion for the forgotten rhythms, the Future Jumpers embarked on daring missions into the archives of the bygone eras. They traversed the labyrinthine databases of historical records, salvaging fragments of ancient melodies lost amidst the vast digital archives.

Led by a visionary named Orion, the Future Jumpers used advanced algorithms and virtual reality interfaces to dive into the depths of history. Their mission was not merely to preserve the past but to resurrect it, to breathe life into the forgotten tunes, and to share these musical relics with a world starved for authentic emotions.

These extracted elements, remnants of long-forgotten compositions, were carefully assembled like a puzzle, reconstructing the soulful symphonies and beats that once resonated with human hearts.

The music became a bridge connecting people unlocking emotions, and restoring the very soul of a world that had nearly forgotten how to feel.

Produced by Tim Tranks

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